S3B - WPS3B - Level Designer - Podbots Waypointer
Level Designer :
I created some maps for :
Half Life 1, Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike GO.

Member & Leader of Orbital Studio :
2007 - 2010, on Fpsbanana, Orbital was one on the most important studio of Level Design.

Admin of 17 Buddies :
Member, Advanced Member and then Admin. Since 2007, I participate in the 17Buddies's community.

Podbots Waypointer :
As it was difficult to find corrects waypoints, i decided to create my own Podbot Waypoints.
( More than 300 waypoints created, on demand. )

In 2007, i decided to create new maps. After more 200 maps, I almost stopped Level Design.
Now I continue to create waypoints for Wps3b and to participate on 17 buddies.